Getting the Journal App Ready for the 2020 Season

There are a few steps you can take with your iPad® to make sure that you will be ready to use the FieldX® Journal app during the upcoming scouting season.​​​​​

​​​Refresh FieldX Journal Database from Server

  • How this helps you:
    • The FieldX Journal app works most efficiently when there is ample free space on the device. We recommend that you start with a fresh database each crop season. The rest of your data will continue to be saved on the server, and accessible from FieldX Office.
  • Here are the steps:
    • Upload any unsynced journal entries.
    • Delete FieldX Journal.
    • Download FieldX Journal from the App Store.
    • Then when you login, select January 1, 2020 as the ‘Date to Download From’.

Update the iOS® on Your iPad

  • How this helps you:
    • FieldX Journal works best on iOS 13. If you are on an older version of iOS, you may not be able to upgrade to the latest version of Journal, and you are more likely to have problems operating the app.
    • Note: If you are using Journal to email PDF Recommendation and Scout/Rec reports, you will need to be on iOS 13. 
  • Here are the steps to update your iOS:
    • Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPad.
    • Tap ‘General’
    • Then tap ‘Software Update.’
    • If there is an iOS update available, click ‘Download and Install’. You will need to do this when you have your iPad plugged in, and are connected to Wi-Fi.
    • Note that if the software update tab shows ‘no update available,’ and you are NOT on iOS 13.4.1 or above, then you have an older iPad that is incompatible with the latest iOS. You have two options:
      • Consider purchasing a newer model iPad.
      • Click HERE for information on how to download Journal on an older iPad.