FieldX Field Level Weather View Update

FieldX users can download the latest version of Office from, then click on the ‘Downloads’ page. 

​​​​​ We have released important updates to the Field Weather feature in FieldX Office. Here are the updates:

  • Auto-fill field level weather data from the Field Weather window directly into Scout, Treatment, and Planting journal entries.
  • We have added the field level forecast.
  • Heat Stress Units have been added.
  • Growing Degree Unit and Heat Stress Unit formulas can be set for each crop.

Overview of New Weather Interface and Auto-Fill Feature

When you click on the ‘Field Weather’ tab in a journal entry, you will see a new interface that includes additional field-level weather information.

You will see the Forecast for today and three days in the future. Then to the lower-right you will see Accumulated GDU’s and Accumulated HSU’s based on the model parameters that have been set for the crop planted in the field. These model parameters are set up from the Crop picklist.

Finally, you are now able to copy weather data directly into your journal entry. To do this, open the field weather tab in a journal entry, then click ‘Auto-Fill and Close.’

With this feature, the current conditions and accumulated Growing Degree Units will be filled into the form. Note that the specific data fields to be filled in will need to be in your journal entry template to be filled in. You can see more details on the data fields by clicking ‘Auto-Fill Help.’


​Set up Crop GDU and Crop HSU Models:

To set up your computer for the new weather feature, you will need to set a crop GDU and HSU model. Here are the steps:

  • Click ‘Lists’ then ‘Picklist Manager.’
  • Select the Crop Picklist.
  • Then select ‘Edit Values’ Click ‘Crop GDU Model.’
  • Select the preferred model, and then set the appropriate BASE temperature, and MAX temperature (if applicable).
  • Then select HSU, and type in the appropriate temperature parameter.