Setting up Journal Templates for the 2020 Crop Season

When using FieldX for scouting and recommendations, setting up journal templates is critical to use the software efficiently. If you have any trouble, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance at 919-926-7001 or



  • Create Scouting and Recommendation Templates (instructions)
    • Scouting templates help you:
      • Enter data faster by creating crop-specific scouting forms, with pre-selected data fields, units of measure, and insects, weeds, and diseases.
      • Simplify your form to only include data fields you need to enter.
      • Ensure consistency in units used by all users across the season, so that you can better compare pest issues across fields.
    • Recommendation templates help you:
      • Save a library of tank-mixes that you can pick from.
      • Reduce the time it takes to save a recommendation because you won’t have to select the chemicals from your picklist every time.
      • Avoid preventable mistakes in your recommendations by having your tank mix blend and units saved.
    • Click for Journal Entry Template Instructions. 
  • Set Default Scout Templates by Crop in FieldX Office (instructions)
    • How this helps you:
      • Instead of selecting the journal entry template, setting a default template by crop will allow the correct template to be loaded automatically. For this to work correctly, accurate planting entries will need to be created for each field.
    • Here are the steps:
      • Click ‘Lists’>’Journal Default Templates.’
      • Select ‘Scout’ from the dropdown menu for type of template.
      • In the lower left, check-mark ‘Check this box to indicate that the default template is the crop template associated with the crop planted in the field.’
      • Click on the ‘Crop’ tab.
      • Select a crop, then checkmark the appropriate scouting template.
      • NOTE: this is a setting that is done on each installation of FieldX Office, and is not synced between computers.
      • Click for a video tutorial on setting up default templates.