Office v.1.5.20 – Release Notes – New Picklist Items Added

FieldX users can download the latest version of Office from

Release Notes


Key Updates:

  • New Picklist Items:
    • Hemp growth stages (Zadok’s), for male, female, and monoecious
    • Harvest yield units: RPC’s; RPC’s per acre
    • Wildlife crop injury: turtles; alligators
    • Corn growth stages: black layer; harvest maturity
    • General growth stages: dormant
    • Treatment application methods: sweep injection; knife injection; Surface apply, incorporated within 12 hours; Surface apply, incorporated from 12-96 hours; Surface apply, incorporated after 96 hours

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed problem that was causing a sync error when a numeric value of less than 1 was entered in journal entries (area scouted, true leaf count, etc). This only affected FieldX users on MacBooks.
  • Various other bug fixes.

Miscellaneous Updates:

  • Added the ability for account owners  to import/export picklists as xls, txt, csv. This is done in the Picklist Manager. Items can be imported from the ‘Add Items’ tab, and can be exported on the ‘Edit Values’ tab.
  • Changed behavior when switching back to Journal view after saving or closing a journal entry so that journal entries will not be unselected.

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