Journal 1.10.6

The latest update to FieldX® Journal™ for your iPad® is now available. This update includes the ability to easily switch from the Journal app to the FieldX GeoNotes™ app or FieldX Dashboard. This version also includes updated formatting for the Recommendation report.


You can get the latest version from the App Store on your iPad. Before upgrading, we recommend that you upload any unsynced data to the server.



Note that version 1.10.6 requires iOS 12. If you have a device that does not support iOS 12, you will be able to continue using FieldX Journal version 1.10.5.

Update to Rec Report

  • One Rec Per Page
    • The Recommendation output report has been updated to include only one recommendation per page. This was implemented based on feedback from customers who requested that the list of products and fields for a recommendation not be split across two pages in the report.

Functions Launched from New ‘Send To’ Menu:

  • Generate PDF Output Report Outside of Batch Mode
    • You can now generate a PDF output report at all levels of the Grower Tree without entering Batch mode. If you are creating an output report across an entire Grower or Farm at one time, this will save a number of taps to create the report.
  • Open in the FieldX GeoNotes iPad App
    • The GeoNotes app will open directly to the selected Grower, Farm, or Field.
    • This feature is useful when:
      • You want to see a GeoNotes entry that is listed in the Journal History tab.
      • You are scouting a field with the Journal app and need to document the exact location and take a photo of an issue.
    • Note that a subscription is needed to use FieldX GeoNotes. If you would like to add a subscription, or try the app for a few weeks, contact us at 919-926-7001.
  • Open in the FieldX Dashboard Web Application
    • The Safari web browser on your iPad will open to the selected field in the FieldX Dashboard web application. This allows you to add new fields and digitize boundaries from the iPad.
    • After you have saved your updated grower tree information on the Dashboard, sync the Journal app to get the updated fields and boundaries in the app.
    • FieldX Dashboard is included in all FieldX subscriptions at no additional charge.​​​​

Tutorial Videos on New Features: