FieldX Office 1.5.57

FieldX users can download the latest version of Office from

Release Notes


Key Updates:

  • Support has been added to FieldX Office to display GeoNotes observation notes, field visit comments, and the number of photo attachments. Currently, it doesn’t include the ability to display the photos or GPS locations, or edit the observations. (See video here)
    • To view the GeoNotes observations in the Field Journal:
      • On the Field Journal tab, click the ‘Options’ button above the list of journal entries, and include these columns: ‘Detail,’ ‘Detail Comments,’ and ‘General Comments.’
    • To generate a ‘Journal Data Report’ to export your comments to an Excel file:
      • Click on ‘Generate Output Report,’ then select ‘Journal Data’.
      • On the ‘Select Columns’ tab of the report, checkmark ‘Comments.’  Also select the ‘Detailed’ option that is located above the list of columns.
      • This report can be saved as a PDF or exported to a XLS or CSV file.
  • Added support to save the sampling depth (either single value or range) for each sample point, and sync it with the sampling journal entry 
  • Added ability to display the Planting job number in the following places:
    • Field Overview tab
    • Harvest report
    • Scout/Rec report
    • Scout History report
  • Updated picklists:
    • Crop Injury/wildlife: ground squirrels
    • Crop Injury/meterological: hail/wind
    • Application Rate: per 1,000 gal.
    • Bean Stages: R1.5 – mid flowering
    • Soil Condition: crumbly
    • Soil Condition: tight
    • Application Method: dry spread
    • Application Method: dribble starter
    • Application Method: starter in furrow
    • Application Method: herbicide carrier
    • Application Method: early fertigation

Bug Fixes:

  • In Journal Data report, on the ‘select activities’ tab, activities of zoneoperation and workorder were being displayed. 
  • Fixed issue where some fieldplan data fields were not being displayed on the fieldplan output report when groupby=field. If by default the data fields were not marked to be displayed in a new journal entry, then they were also marked to not be displayed in the report. The report has been updated to show all nonblank datafields, even if by default they aren’t displayed on the journal entry 
  • Fixed issue where if a rate of ‘0’ was applied, then in the fieldplan report, grouped by treatment, it wouldn’t calculate the total amount of that product. 
  • Fixed issue where if deleting multiple unsynced archived journal entries, it was prompting the user whether to delete for each one, instead of asking once if they are sure they want to delete archived items. 
  • Fixed issue with importing township/section/range field attributes from shpfile. It wasn’t handling both the number and direction (eg: 23N). 

Miscellaneous Updates:

  • Fixed issue where applying a FieldOp template would display a warning message about the size of the operation. 
  • When importing xls/cvs to create a journal entry, added support to handle rate units of “per” (lbs per acre), in addition to current support of “/” (lbs / acre) 
  • Added support to create Rec journal entries by importing xls/csv
  • Added support to create Trt journal entries by importing xls/csv
  • For growers, hide the exchange menu to create journal entries by importing xls/cvs
  • For growers and technicians, hide the menu to export report templates, on the report template manager window