Free Grower Subaccounts

Grower sub-accounts are available for no charge under a consultant’s FieldX® account. This account type provides an avenue for consultants and growers to collaborate on managing field data.

Benefits of Setting up Grower Subaccounts

  • Growers can access scouting and recommendation data from their consultant on FieldX Office for the PC or FieldX Journal for the iPad.
  • Planting and treatment data can be entered directly by the grower. The consultant will then know what crop was planted, when it was planted, and which pesticides and fertilizers were applied without having to share spreadsheets or calling for that information.
  • Using FieldX GeoNotes, growers and consultants can share georeferenced notes and photos of potential issues in the field.
  • Growers using FieldX for their recordkeeping can view journal entries and generate their own reports on planting, treatments, and other field activities.

Grower Subaccount Limitations

  • A grower will only access journal entries for their own fields.
  • Grower subaccounts cannot edit field names, field boundaries, picklists, or templates.
  • Additionally, grower subaccounts are not allowed to edit journal entries created by other users. Thus, a Grower will not have the ability to edit a consultant’s Scout or Recommendation journal entries.
  • A Grower subaccount can create new journal entries for Planting, Treatments, Harvest, Field Operations, and Irrigation. However, a Grower subaccount is not able to create new Scout or Recommendation journal entries.

To add a Grower subaccount, send the grower’s name and email address to Then we will set up credentials for the new account.