FieldX® is an independent agricultural software platform to help you collect, manage, and share your data.



FieldX is a complete solution for your scouting business. After recording your observations online or offline, you can send clear and concise reports to your customers. 

The FieldX suite is used every day for scouting millions of acres across the US and Canada. Read more

Crop Record-keeping

With FieldX you can create an electronic journal of all activities on your fields.

Information that you can record include Planting, Treatment, Irrigation, Field Operations, and Harvest.

As a bonus, the crop recordkeeping features can be used for free as a grower subaccount under a crop consultant’s existing FieldX account.Read more

Soil Sampling

FieldX includes features to create sampling events and navigate to your points in the field.

These sample points can then be sent to any lab of your choosing, and you can upload sample points to FieldRx to create VRT maps, or export them to a shpfile.Read more


FieldX Irrigation is used to display data from your in-field sensors, then you can create irrigation recommendations and reports for your grower customers.

Your clients can also have view-only access to irrigation, so that they can access data for their fields at any time. A detailed description of FieldX Irrigation can be found here.Read more

VRT Fertility Prescriptions

 FieldRx® is a web-based software tool for using grid sample results to create VRT maps.

These results can then be exported to a controller file to use in application equipment.Read more


Our Company Focus

Our team is focused on providing software tools for your business. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on the following:


We have been an independent software development company for over 15 years. This allows us to be 100% focused on the interests of our customers.


The FieldX platform can be tailored to your particular needs. There are hundreds of data fields available, so FieldX can be used in any cropping system. Forms and reports can be customized to include the data that’s relevant to your team and your customers.


We believe that supporting you after purchase is important to your success with FieldX. All technical support and software updates are included at no additional charge. Our team is dedicated to making sure that every customer has a positive experience with FieldX.

15Years Offering Ag Software
13Million Acres Served
11Million Journal Entries
35Crop Types Using FieldX

Why use FieldX for Scouting?

  • Record Field Data Quickly:
    • Enter detailed pest counts and other observations.
    • Apply recommendations across multiple fields.
    • Set up custom forms and pre-filled recommendation.
    • Record georeferenced notes and photos.
    • Work on-line and off-line. 
    • Software for Windows PC, iOS, and web.
  • Manage Your Operations:
    • Control access to grower data and user capabilities.
    • Sync fields and data across your team.
  • Share FieldX Benefits with Customers:
    • Offer free grower subaccounts to your customers for crop recordkeeping.
    • Email or print clear, concise PDF reports.
  • Access Reference and Weather Data:
    • View field-level weather data, including growing degree days.
    • Access to reference libraries for Chemicals and Pests. 

Scouting a Wheat Field

Why Use FieldX for Crop Recordkeeping?

  • Record Data Quickly on Multiple Devices:
    • Record activities across multiple fields. 
    • Create custom and pre-filled forms.
    • Keep a complete record of application, including detailed application rates, EPA numbers, and cost.
    • Work on-line and off-line. 
    • Software for Windows PC, iOS, and web.
  • Review Farm Operations:
    • Generate end-of-year reports detailing applications and costs.
  • Access Reference and Weather Data:
    • View field-level weather data, including accumulated growing degree days.
    • Access to reference libraries for Chemicals, and Pests. 

Collecting Data in Vineyard

Why Use FieldX for Soil Sampling?

  • Start Sampling in Minutes:
    • Create Sample Grids in seconds.
    • Import point location from shpfiles.
    • Add point locations for conventional sampling from the field or in the office.
  • Easily Navigate to Sample Points
    • Use your favorite field device (iPad, iPhone, PC, or PocketPC).
    • Navigate directly to points from your GPS location.
  • Use Your Data:
    • Upload sample points to FieldRx to create prescriptions.
    • Export sampling points from multiple fields to a shpfile at once.

Multitasking Farmer or Agronomist

Why Use FieldX for Irrigation Scheduling?

(Click here for details on FieldX Irrigation)

  • View soil moisture and rainfall data
    • View charts of data from your soil moisture and rainfall sensors.
    • Connect direction to certain METER and Pessl loggers loggers. (more manufacturers will be added)
  • Integrate with FieldX Data:
    • View planting and scouting information on the soil moisture chart, including crop and variety details and growth stage.
  • Create Irrigation Recs:
    • Irrigation Recommendations can be created directly from FieldX Irrigation.
    • Reports can be generated that include your recommendation details and the current soil moisture chart.
  • View Predicted Soil Moisture:
    • Recent sensor data is used to model future soil moisture levels.

Partial Zoom of Soil Moisture

Why Use FieldX for VRT Fertility Prescriptions?

  • Order Prescriptions Efficiently with FieldRx:
    • Quickly generate prescriptions from grid sample results.
    • Run recommendation formulas on multiple fields.
  • Control your VRT Prescriptions:
    • Customize your formulas.
    • Select information to include on reports.

FieldRx Sample Prescription

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