FieldX® is an agricultural software platform to help you collect, manage, and share your data.



FieldX is a complete solution for your scouting business. After recording your observations online or offline, you can send clear and concise reports to your customers. 

The FieldX suite is used every day for scouting millions of acres across the US and Canada. Read more

Crop Record-keeping

With FieldX you can create an electronic journal of the activities on your fields.

Information that you can record include Planting, Treatment, Irrigation, and anything else you are doing in your fields!Read more

Soil Sampling

FieldX includes features to create sampling events and navigate to your points in the field.

These sample points can then be sent to any lab of your choosing, and you can upload your sample points to FieldRx for VRT maps, or export them to a shpfile. Read more


Why Choose FieldX?

We are focused on providing software tools that satisfy the needs of your business.


We have been an independent software development company for over 15 years. This allows us to be 100% focused on the interests of our customers.


The FieldX platform can be tailored to your particular needs. There are hundreds of data fields available, so FieldX can be used in any cropping system. Forms and reports can be customized to only show the data that’s relevant to you and your team.


After purchasing the software, all technical support and software updates are included at no additional charge. Our team is dedicated to making sure that every customer has a positive experience with FieldX.

15Years in the Ag Software Industry
20Million Acres Served
10Million Journal Entries
50Crop Types Using FieldX

How We Help Your Business

For Agronomists

Our software was built from the ground up for Agronomists. FieldX is a central tool in a consulting business throughout the crop season, from Soil Sampling and creating Crop Plans, to Scouting and making Recommendations.

For Growers

Farmer Couple with Tablet
FieldX is used by growers to keep a journal of planting information, applications, harvest, and other records. A field’s full history can be reviewed in seconds!

For Applicators

Applicators can keep track of field locations, as well as details of treatment applications. Printed maps and turn-by-turn directions on the app can minimize time on the road!

Features and Capabilities

Create and Manage Field Boundaries


  • Add georeferenced field borders.
  • Color-code fields and print maps.

Build Field Plans


  • Identify planned crops and varieties.
  • Calculate total requirements for seeds, chemicals, etc.

Record Field Activities


  • Customizable forms using templates.
  • Hundreds of available data fields.

Generate Professional Reports


  • Customize reports, including your company’s logo.
  • Email reports directly from within FieldX.

Record GeoReferenced Observations


  • Take georeferenced pictures and notes.
  • Track user’s path through the field.

Conduct Soil Sampling


  • Create grids and sample points.
  • Navigate to fields and points with GPS.

Access Field Level Weather


  • Access current temperature, windspeed, recent rainfall, and PET.
  • View Growing Degree Days since planting.

Enter Data While Offline


  • Enter data while offline using your iPad, PC, or PocketPC.
  • Synchronize with our server when connected.

Synchronize Data


  • Share field data with your team.
  • Control access to your data.




  • Customize your data-entry forms.
  • Generate turn-by-turn directions to fields.
  • Pre-fill your Recommendations.
  • Batch-Create Journal Entries.
  • Sync fields and data across your team.


  • Use detailed data-entry forms to record crop specific observations.
  • Select from a Master reference library of Chemicals, Pests, and Crops.
  • Access field-level weather conditions, such as recent temperature, rainfall, PET, and Growing Degree Days since planting. 


  • Create clear, concise reports.
  • Email reports directly to colleagues, partners, or customers.
  • Print professional, color-coded maps.


Crop Recordkeeping

Efficient Data Entry

  • Customize your forms.
  • Generate turn-by-turn directions to fields.
  • Pre-fill common tank mixes.
  • Batch-create journal entries.
  • Sync data across your team.

Information at your Service

  • Review field data in seconds.
  • Quickly produce end-of-year reports.
  • Keep a complete record of applications.
  • Include detailed application rates, EPA numbers, and cost.
  • Access field-level weather conditions, as well as recent temperature, rainfall, and PET.


Soil Sampling


  • Set up Sample Grids in seconds.
  • Use GPS to navigate directly to points.
  • Generate Turn-by-Turn directions to fields.


  • Use your favorite field device (iPad, iPhone, PC, or PocketPC).
  • Upload sample points to FieldRx to create prescriptions.
  • Export sampling points from multiple fields to a shpfile at once.
  • Access field-level weather data.


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