FieldX® is an independent agricultural software platform for agronomists and their customers to collect, manage, and share data.



FieldX is a complete solution for your scouting service. The platform includes efficient tools for recording your data in the field, along with tools for using weather data to manage your fields.

At the end of the day, you are then able to quickly send clear and concise reports to your customers with scouting and recommendation details.  

Crop Record-keeping

With FieldX you can create an electronic journal of all activities on your fields.

Information that you can record include Planting, Treatment, Irrigation, Field Operations, and Harvest.

As a bonus, the crop recordkeeping features can be used for free as a grower subaccount under a crop consultant’s existing FieldX account.

Soil Sampling

FieldX includes features to create sampling events and navigate to your points in the field.

These sample points can then be sent to any lab of your choosing, and you can upload sample points to FieldRx to create VRT maps, or export them to a shpfile.


FieldX Irrigation is used to display data from your in-field sensors, then you can create irrigation recommendations and reports for your grower customers.

Your clients can also have view-only access to irrigation, so that they can access data for their fields at any time. A detailed description of FieldX Irrigation can be found here.Read more

VRT Fertility Prescriptions

 FieldRx® is a web-based software tool for using grid sample results to create VRT maps.

These results can then be exported to a controller file to use in application equipment.Read more


How FieldX is Tailored to Your Agronomic Services Business


From the ground up, FieldX was designed to manage tens of thousands of acres.  Our recordkeeping subscriptions have no per-acre fees. Data can be entered across multiple fields, and you can quickly generate professional reports for a Grower in just a few clicks.


Our system doesn’t just show you GDU’s and weather data back to a generic season start date. With FieldX, you can access GDU’s and weather data in the context of your actual crop data, so that you can quickly deploy scouts to the fields where they are needed.


Your data entry forms can be tailored to include only he information that you need for your customers, and your crops, in your region.


We empower collaboration with your customers with free grower subaccounts. Growers can view their data, and enter their own Planting, Treatment, Irrigation, and Harvest records.


The FieldX Platform can be your primary software tool, where you can do everything from Field Planning over the winter, Crop Scouting and Recommendations, through Soil Sampling and VRT prescriptions.


About FieldX

As a small business, we get to know our customers and their needs in order to serve them best. Here are some of our values that make FieldX different from other software companies:


We have been an independent software development company for over 15 years. This allows us to be 100% focused on the interests of our customers.


We believe that supporting you after your subscription purchase is important to your success with FieldX. All technical support and app updates are included at no additional charge. Our team is dedicated to making sure that every customer has a positive experience with FieldX.


Unlike many of our competitors, we do not and will not share or sell any of your agricultural data stored in FieldX, including aggregated information. Your data is kept in our system and will not be shared without your explicit permission.

20Years Offering Ag Software
13Million Acres of Farm Land with Data Recorded Each Year
15Million Journal Entries
35Crops Managed with FieldX

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