FieldX Office 1.5.43- Enhanced Report Saving Functions

FieldX users can download the latest version of Office from

Release Notes


Key Updates:

  • When clicking the ‘Save/Email’ button in an output report, a new window is displayed which includes an option to specify a template for output report filenames. In the template, you can include tags for Grower Name and Date, and any additional text you would like to include in the filename.
  • The ability to specify the default output folder for reports has been enhanced. On the top menubar of FieldX Office, click ‘Options’>’Output Folder for Report Files’. On the popup window, you can select one of the following folders as your default for saving output report files:
    • Main Report Folder – uses the specified report folder.
    • Main Report Folder\Grower Name – uses a folder with the grower’s name under the specified Main Report Folder.
    • Most Recently Used Folder for This Grower – uses the last folder where a report was saved for a grower.