FieldX Office 1.5.32 – Release Notes

FieldX users can download the latest version of Office from

Release Notes


Key Updates:

  • Updated the user interface for importing sample points from a shpfile. This will improve performance in some cases. The tool continues to be accessed from the Exchange Menu>Import Sample Points from SHP file.
  • Added the ability to delete journal entries only from the local database.  This can be used to clean up your database at the end of the season without deleting journal entries from the server and losing the historical records of what happened on that field.
  • Added a tool to upload old, archived journal entries that were created in FieldRecon, but never synced during the migration. This option is available on the top menubar under ‘Tools’>’Sync Tools.’
    • Any archived journal entries that are uploaded won’t be automatically downloaded when other people in your company sync.
    • If you are unsure whether you have unsync’ed archived journal entries, this tool will display the number of items before initiating the sync.

Miscellaneous Updates:

  • When importing field borders, added support for multi-line shapefiles as if it were a polygon if the first and last points of the multiline object are identical.
  • Changed hotmail email setup to use instead of