Enhanced Field Weather and Crop Timeline Reports Now Available

Two new Advanced Modules are now available to add to your FieldX account. With these modules, you will be able to do the following:

  • View accumulated Growing Degree Days (GDUs), Rainfall and Heat Stress Units since:
    • planting
    • most recent growth stage
    • January 1st
  • View forecast and historical temperature and rainfall on all of your fields.
  • Print and export weather data across all of your fields, or for an individual field.
  • Receive a weekly crop timeline report for enrolled fields, where you can view weather data for the current season compared against a 5 year averages, growth stages, GDUs and scouting and recommendation details.

Pricing and How to Get Started

To add the new advanced modules to your account, or to get more information, just call us at 919-926-7001, x1 for sales, or email info@fieldx.com.

The subscriptions are paid monthly with your credit card on file. There is no minimum number of months required for the subscription; you can cancel at any time.

  • The pricing for the modules is:
    • Enhanced Field Weather: $125/user/month
    • Crop Timeline Reports: $50/month for weekly reports on 50 field (requires an Enhanced Field Weather subscription)

Advanced Module: Enhanced Field Weather:

The Enhanced Field Weather feature is available in FieldX Office version 1.6.0 or later.  Once you purchase a subscription, the weather information is displayed on two new tabs:

  • Crop Status: Shows Crop Status data for all selected fields (see video below). This includes:
    • Cumulative and Daily rainfall, GDUs, and HSUs since:
      • planting
      • most recent growth stage
      • January 1st
    • Crop planted in the field
    • Most recent Growth Stage recorded in a scouting entry.
  • Field Weather:
    • Current conditions
    • Previous 7 Days historical data
    • 7 Day forecast

Advanced Module: Crop Timeline Reports:

Crop timeline reports are delivered to your email each week. The report is generated for each field and includes two parts:

  • Crop timeline chart, which includes a chart with rainfall, GDU accumulation, growth stages, and recommendations (see the video below)
  • Summary page, which shows crop season weather statistics and a detailed table of scouting observations and recommendations.

If you have any questions, contact us anytime at 919-926-7001, or info@fieldx.com.