2018 FieldX Pricing

FieldX Subscription Pricing for 2018

2018 User Types


Office (PC)


Journal (iPad)


Sampling (iOS)


GeoNotes (iOS)


Borders (iOS+Android)


Dashboard (web)

Pricing Notes:
* There needs to be at least one Office subscription in an organization with a Mobile Apps Toolbox subscription.

App Subscription Plans:

  • Only Free Apps: the user has access to only the free apps.
  • Pick-One App: the user is limited to only using one app, in addition to the free apps.
  • All Apps: the entire set of FieldX apps can be installed by the user.


App Subscription Plans
Type of User
Only Free AppsPick-One AppAll Apps
Manager (per year)Free$375$750
Technician (per month)Free$55$55
Grower Sub-account*FreeFreeFree
* Grower Sub-accounts do not include the Sampling App.

Site License

  • $15,000/year for unlimited users at all permission levels.

FieldX Apps

The following apps are available for the 2018 season:

  • Free Apps:
    • **NEW- FieldX Dashboard, which is a web app that can be used on any device with an internet connection (Android, Mac, iPhone, PC, etc.). The recently released version includes the ability to view your fields and draw field borders, and can be accessed by any FieldX user at dashboard.fieldx.com. Additional features will be announced in the coming months.
  • Paid Apps (for ‘Pick-One’ and ‘All App’ plans):
    • FieldX Office, for the PC, for data entry, creating output reports, and managing picklists and templates.
    • FieldX Journal, for the iPad, for recording field data and send scouting reports.
    • FieldX Sampling, for the iPhone and iPad, for pulling soil samples in the field.
    • **NEW- FieldX GeoNotes, for the iPhone and iPad, for collecting georeferenced notes and pictures in the field.