FieldX Borders App Launch FAQ

How does FieldX® Borders work?

  • FieldX BordersTM is used to map your fields with a GPS using a mobile phone or tablet. The app will mark GPS points as you move around the perimeter of your field border, giving you an accurate georeferenced field border.

On which devices can I use the FieldX Borders app?

  • FieldX Borders is compatible with iOS®, Android®, and Windows® operating systems.  You can download the app from:
    • The App Store on an iPad or iPhone.
    • Google Play from an Android phone or tablet.
    • Call for information on compatibility with Windows devices.

Can I get a more accurate GPS for my device?

Can I Add New Fields from FieldX Borders?

  • To add new fields, you can click on the ‘Manage Fields (Dashboard)’ button from the grower tree to access the FieldX Dashboard online, from any internet connected device. Then ‘Refresh’ in FieldX Borders to start mapping your new fields.

How do I Edit Field Boundaries Created in FieldX Borders?

  • If a field border needs to be refined, click on ‘Manage Fields (Dashboard)’ to open the FieldX Dashboard online. From there, you can select a specific field, and begin editing the boundary. More details are available here.

How do I use FieldX Borders?

  • To add or edit a field boundary:
    • Open the app and login with your FieldX username and password.
    • Select your Grower, Farm, and Field.
    • Then you can add a new polygon, cut a hole in a polygon, or delete a field border to start over.
    • If adding a new polygon, or cutting a hole, click ‘Start’ to begin tracking your GPS location, and hit ‘Done’ to complete the field boundary. (Note video below)
  • When finished, you can upload your changes to the server to use across the FieldX Platform.
  • Refresh is used to to re-download the Grower Tree.

How Much Does FieldX Borders Cost?

  • FieldX Borders is available for $150/user/year. Request a demo or call us at 919-926-7001 to start your subscription today.